Terms of Reference

The Hamilton Historical Board consists of fifteen members: fourteen citizen members appointed by City Council, one of whom is a representative from the Hamilton Municipal Committee, and one representative from City Council. The composition of the Hamilton Historical Board tries to reflect a broad spectrum of historical interests in the community.

The term of office for members is four years to coincide with the term of Council, or until such time as successors are appointed by Council.  In the event that a vacancy exists before a term has ended, the Board may recommend a replacement to City Council.

All Board members are required to attend orientation and updating sessions, and to share their knowledge and expertise as concerned volunteers by serving on Board sub-committees. The Board and its members operate within the parameters of the City’s confidentiality and conflict of interest policies.

Board members are expected to attend all regularly scheduled meetings of the Board and to advise the Chair and the appropriate staff liaison when unable to do so. Board members may be requested to resign in the event that they miss three consecutive meetings without prior notification, or miss a majority of meetings throughout the year.

The Board elects a Chair, and Vice-Chair annually, as well as the chairs of Board sub-committees, at the first meeting of the Board each year. The Chair may serve a maximum of two consecutive years. The Chair, or designate, is the official spokesperson for the Board, and reports annually to the City’s Emergency and Community Services Committee.

Meetings of the Board are scheduled on a monthly basis from January to December, inclusive, on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm.  Additional or alternate meetings may be called, subsequent to proposal by a Board member, and agreement by the Chair and a majority of Board members.  Quorum at Board meetings consists of half (50%) the current HHB membership plus one.

General meetings of the Board are open to the public.